Saturday, December 12, 2015

Taming The Christmas Beast

I have a part time job working retail in a department store. While I enjoy getting out of the house and interacting with people, the energies I encounter at Christmas time can be difficult to handle. While many shoppers understand the need for patience with the holiday crowds, there are others who are in such a hurry they think only of themselves. As an empath, I find grounding myself becomes more time consuming and difficult as I navigate the holiday storms. Here's a little bit of insight on how an empath with a very public job tames the Christmas beast.

Understand the jumble of emotions you will encounter!
Many people get excited at the thought of holidays. In my own personal experience, Christmas is a good time for me as I anticipate gift giving, holiday food, and family time. That said, there are also much more negative emotions that can come into play. Holiday time can be very stressful because of the extra demands placed on peoples' normal routines. Decorating, shopping, food prep, parties and religious or school programs all come together, making the regular stress of work or school more intense. On top of all that, there are those people who cannot afford the sort of Christmas they want as well as those who have recently lost family members. All this adds up to a lot more worry and hassle than most times of the year, and the stress energy will often release as anger, sadness and upset. Understanding you and others have these feelings is the first step in coping with and managing them.

Know there is an energy harvest underway!
Here in the United States, the frenzy has been programmed and planned by the beings who run the planet. Those in power are energy vampires who thrive on harmful and negative energies! The low vibrating energies (anger, sadness, greed) that can accompany the holidays power up the spiritual side of things. The massive urges we feel to buy, Buy, BUY rids us of our hard-earned money and powers up the physical aspects of the world. We do not need to incorporate these feelings into ourselves. Realize these thoughts and feelings do not originate in the heart and consciously choose to keep them from infesting your mind.

Consciously take time for recovery!
When life becomes extra chaotic and tense, it is vital to take the time you need to heal, recover and re-energize. Meditate. Take a warm, relaxing bath. Read or watch a movie just for pleasure. Allow yourself to let go of your holiday to-do list. (Ask yourself if the world is going to fall apart if you fail to make those cookies or don't make it to your work holiday party!) The bottom line is, if your heart tells you it will feel good, do it!!! Your heart knows what you need to do to take care of yourself.

The beast that is Christmas (or any other holiday or event you participate in) can be tamed! Awareness is key as you look to your heart to guide you through the chaos that is the holidays!


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