Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Ability To See Beyond

In our world, the ability to see beyond what the five basic senses (sight, sound, taste, smell and touch) reveal is thought to be "extra". People who can foretell the future or sense the presence of spirits are considered gifted in ways most people don't understand. The reality is, we all have the ability to tap into information obtained beyond the five senses. We have either been taught that we can't or our gifts have been systematically destroyed by a society that fears these gifts.

Religion has done a fantastic job of keeping our gifts down. In more ancient times, people who demonstrated psychic ability were sought out and killed as "witches". There are many taboos in religious texts that lead people to believe such gifts come from darkness. Often we are taught that foretelling the future is "evil" so we intentionally turn it off and ignore it until it goes away. The bottom line is, if we can convince people psychic gifts are evil they will not seek to use such gifts in an effort to be "good".

Our families also play a role in suppressing our natural psychic gifts. For example, children are born empathic. That's why infants and small children cry when they hear another child crying. Once they acquire the ability to talk, psychic gifts are often dismissed. For example, a small child will sense some tension (and secret fighting) between his parents. When he addresses the issue with one of his parents, his parent will tell him mommy and daddy aren't fighting as a way to soothe the child. Because the parent is not being authentic, the child believes his insights/feelings were inaccurate and begins to ignore them. Over time, psychic ability is turned off.

The question becomes, how do we turn our psychic gifts back on? The answer is simple: acknowledge you have gifts and then take the time to explore what you have!

Meditation becomes key. When you take the time to quiet your mind, open your heart and listen, information begins to make itself known to you. As you continue on with your meditation practice, you get better at it. At some point, you will begin to connect to your heart so closely you will receive information when you are going about your daily life. At that point, you could be considered "psychic".

The ability to see beyond is not just for the special few. We are all gifted in profound and unique ways. Connect to your heart and begin to explore all those places where we can receive insights outside the usual five senses. You will be amazed at how gifted you truly are!


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