Monday, December 28, 2015

The Balance Between Intuition And The Mind

Almost 20 years ago, I was told by my husband he wanted to separate. At the time I was still heavily invested in that relationship and still deeply in love with him. It was his desire that the kids and I stay in Georgia with my parents when he returned to Iowa. As I had no family support system in Iowa, that sounded like a good idea to me.

Several months down the road of this divorce journey, I had a dream. It felt extremely significant as I don't often remember my dreams, but I did this one. In the dream, my husband moved to Georgia to be closer to the kids. The thought that my husband would move to Georgia made me happy. I believed he would realize what he had lost and come back to me.

About a year and a half after that dream, my life was in shambles. My divorce had been finalized and I was the one who filed as I found out he was with someone else. My ex and his girlfriend had indeed moved to Georgia to be closer to the kids. While my dream had come true, nothing about it panned out as I had hoped.

The thing about intuitive insight is this: it isn't always what your mind wants to see and your mind can and will distort it. I believe I was given that dream in order to prepare for my ex being back in my life in a new and different way. However, back then I was not in the same place I am now. I didn't ask questions. I didn't seek any clarity or additional insight. Maybe if I had I would have understood he was not going to be coming alone.

The information was all there in my heart. Deep inside, I had known my husband had not been faithful to me. I tried to blame his behavior and the signs I noticed on depression or other circumstances. I was in a deep state of denial because I was not ready to give up on that relationship.

I believe the mind can play a good role when intuition comes into play. If I had allowed my mind to ask the questions that were there, I would have understood more and probably would have gained a great deal more insight. I would have been much more prepared for what actually happened and stronger through the process.

Hindsight is always 20/20. That said, I am much more likely to ask questions and look at intuitive information from different perspectives in present day. I am not perfect. I am still a work-in-progress, but every day I get closer to the person I want to be. I am becoming a person who is open to intuition and asks questions until I better understand the role this information is supposed to play in my life. The balance between intuition and the mind is key to living a more healthy and abundant life.


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