Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Games They Play

I will probably offend a good many people with this post, but at this point I do not care. I am tired of sitting back and listening to all the good little people spout off about how things will change for the better when their candidate gets put into office as President. The fact of the matter is, no one can save us (with one exception that I will get to later). The people in power know how to play the game so well you don't even know you're being played!!!

Let me explain how things really work! You believe there are two or more sides to any given situation and that one side is right (or at least more right than the rest). It is important to stand up for what is right, of course. This is your first mistake. It is a mistake because the powers that be (or the cabal, as I like to call them) understand your preference to choose a side.

The cabal themselves may favor one side or another, but they are smart enough to know that the only way to control a population is to control all sides. Consequently, they make sure they send their own stooges to infiltrate all groups that have any power. If a new "grassroots" movement springs up, you can be sure that if the cabal did not actually start the group themselves to be controlled opposition, they will have invaded the group to either take charge or destroy it from within.

For example, when the industrial revolution came into being, workers were taken advantage of as rich men who owned the companies made bigger and bigger profits. People died under terrible work conditions and they were paid a pittance for all the hard work they did. The people working under those conditions realized how bad it was and began to organize. While they managed to win some victories for themselves, what they failed to recognize is that their unions were systematically being penetrated by opposition forces. This is how many mob figures ended up running the unions. Today the unions do still win some concessions for the workers, but not too much. It's a finely tuned dance where opposite forces take a step forward and a step back. At times the union seems to win. At other times the owners seem to win. In the bigger picture, the bosses always win because it looks as though We the People have some power to change things. Most of us are happy with the scraps from the banquet table.

Look at the current United States Presidential candidates. On the Republican side, the top contenders seem to be Trump, Rubio, Carson and Cruz. Even though Jeb Bush is running, he is having serious issues (financial and otherwise). When I look at this list, here's what I see. The most powerful cabal group in the US is the Bush/Rockefeller group. The fact that Jeb is not a contender is disheartening, but as they don't have all their eggs in one basket it doesn't really matter all that much.

The main contenders on the Democratic side are Hillary and Sanders. While Sanders seems to have a large grassroots following, the news (with the exception of controlled opposition FOX news) is pretty much promoting Hillary. Hillary is the Bush cabal Democratic contender. This is the candidate they are now using all their resources to promote.

Why do I believe this? The relationship between the Bushs and the Clintons goes back a very long time--to at least the point where George Bush Sr was Vice President and Bill was governor of Arkansas. To me, the connection is obvious: drug running. Bush Sr. was head of the CIA prior to his political career. Do a little digging into the CIA and you will find a lot of information on drug running and the secret economy it produces, which they then use to fund black operations projects. There is a lot of evidence (and even a documentary on it) about the Clintons being in charge of drug running operations through Mena, Arkansas when Bill was governor there.

If this group continues on in power, Hillary will win the Presidential election. If the election is close, they will probably manipulate the vote tallies to reflect a win by a narrow margin (because they have the technology to do that). This is their best case scenario. The next scenario involves a less controlled opponent winning, in which case they would resort to blackmail or threats to make sure things continue to go their way.

The thing is, the cabal has been doing this a long time. They know what makes us tick and they use it to their advantage, with such finesse we aren't aware of the manipulation.

Are you ready to bring awareness into  your consciousness and see beyond the games? Are you ready to step into your own power and save yourself? You are the only one that can. All it takes is for you to be able to recognize the games they play and counteract their moves. Only by stepping into your own power can you begin to make a difference.


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