Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Power Of The Full Moon

As I sat in the early morning hours of Christmas yesterday, I had some amazing clarity. While it might seem as though it was due to the fact that the usual pre-Christmas frenzy was over, there is a lot more to it than that. Christmas 2015 happened to fall on a full moon. This hasn't happened since 1977 and won't happen again until 2034. Why is this significant? There is power that becomes available during a full moon that is not as strong at other times.

From ancient times, rituals and holidays were almost always performed at the full moon. The Passover of Judism is held on the full moon. In India, the Holy Festival or Guru Purnima is also on the full moon. Originally even Easter was celebrated on the full moon until the Council of Nicaea dictated otherwise. Wiccans hold rituals at the full moon. The full moon is also the time satanists hold their events. None of this is coincidence.

Back in the day when I worked with emotionally disturbed children I would notice more behavior problems on the days that coincided with the full moon. My husband, who was a cop at that time, got a lot more calls to have people committed to the mental hospital on those occasions as well. It was as if the moon was calling them to bring their problems to the surface so they could be dealt with.

As an intuitive, there is definitely much more clarity on the full moon. Putting a question out into the Universe at this time brings almost instantaneous results. It's as though the multitude of distracts and diversions that occur during other phases of the moon are pushed to the side as the full lunar light is able to shine through the muck.

Begin to pay attention to the appearance of the full moon. Focus on the energies that surround you as you take the time to meditate. Ask for extra spiritual protections at this time as people can become more susceptible to darkness. You do not want to absorb too much energy that is outside yourself.

There is power available in the full moon. Learn to harness its energy and allow it to assist you in coming to greater awareness as you follow your divine purpose and BE who you were meant to be in the world.


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