Thursday, December 3, 2015

The State Of Us: An Intuitive Look At The World

I've found myself in a strange sort of funk the past couple of days. Although it seems like the natural order of things (US Thanksgiving is over and there are a few weeks left before Christmas), when I question the feeling much more information comes up. It is this info I want to share today.

Russia's President Putin is staying the course as far as getting rid of the Islamic State. While the US mainstream media continues to question his motives, he is one of the few people with the courage to stand up to the current powers that be (aka the shadow government). His actions in Syria, which are disrupting the stolen oil supply chains, are effectively wiping out funds the shadow government is using to pay for terrorist activities around the world. Understand the worst terrorists are paid mercenaries, most of whom have nothing to do with practicing Islam. There is a feeling of expectation and waiting as the situation is allowed to play out. It is a little premature to get excited about the defeat of the Islamic State, but progress is definitely being made.

There is still a lot of fear porn that must be waded through here in the US. (Fear porn: news stories designed to instill fear that both immobilizes and excites the masses.) Stories that promote the ideas that we are going to be attacked by some outside threat and that we need to support war in the Middle East to counteract this threat overwhelm our senses if we let them. Know the real enemy is not Muslim extremists. The real enemy is the shadow government who convinces us we need to fight each other.

Part of the funk also has to do with the pull of holiday shopping as retailers pour on the advertisements and Americans (and westerners in general) are pulled into the shopping frenzy we have been programmed to feel this at Christmas time. It feels especially strong this year as the shadow government is looking to bolster its funds through more legitimate means as its secret, illegal means are being systematically cut off.

As you go about your daily life and feelings assault you, it is always a good idea to question where these feelings are coming from. Quite often, you will find the feelings do not originate with yourself but come from those around you. Do not take responsibility for those feelings, but allow them to guide you into actions that will put you firmly in control of your world.

Continue to think with your heart and you will be prompted to act in ways that benefit us all!


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