Friday, January 22, 2016

Being The Filter

As an empath, I've worked very diligently to shield myself from the negative emotions of others. It is all too easy to absorb them and let them become part of my own frequency. Recently, I have asked the Universe for help for myself and others so that I can articulate techniques that can be used to stop damage. What follows is some of the wisdom received from asking the question.

I've been helping a friend work through some major life issues recently. Often she is angry at everyone and everything and this comes out as very forceful negativity--the force of which is the equivalent of an emotional punch. Being sensitive, this is an extremely uneasy place to be in.

I'm going to tell you a little secret about untrained empaths: they have a tendency to be energy trappers/blockers. They will absorb energies and not let them go, often believing all these energies are theirs personally. The problem is blocked energy. Energy, both negative and positive, is meant to flow. If you absorb energy and hold on to it you are literally  blocking energy. You are creating your own problem.

Understand none of us are here to absorb and/or block energies. Energy is meant to flow. Consequently, the more you enable the energy to flow in your own life, the better and easier your own life will be.

With my friend, I have been allowing her to vent her negative energy to me. This comes out as anger, sadness and frustration--usually not a good place for an empath. What keeps me sane is my mind. I focus on the fact that these negative emotions in her are not truly directed at me. I give them space to be. I allow them to be accepted and okay. I do not try to change them (or her) in any way. These emotions are given escape. They swirl around me and even through me.

This is key: I see myself as a filter. Any of these negative emotions that enter me are accepted and allowed to come in but they do not sit there. They are allowed to pass through the light that is me, coming out more light filled as they pass. I allow the energy that is me to work on the negative frequencies in order to transform them into something better.

The venting allows my friend to let go of that negative energy so that it is no longer harmful to her. As with all energy exchange, venting clears the space to bring in something new and hopefully more positive.

Understand that any sort of trapped energy is going to create problems because it is blocked flow. By not taking these negative energies personally, we are able to allow what is to flow on past and dissolve blocked energy in our lives. Seeing yourself as a filter will not only change your life but will change the lives of all those around you.


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