Saturday, January 30, 2016

Beyond Karma

While I believe that what goes around comes around, I'm not a big fan of most people's concept of karma. Karma is thought of by many as having to pay for mistakes you have made in the past, sometimes mistakes you have made in past lifetimes. I will confess that there are times when I can see someone else's bad attitude catching up with them and take a secret satisfaction in the way it plays out. That said, I don't believe karma is one endless prison sentence. Life isn't about paying for past mistakes. It's about making mistakes and learning from them so that you can go on and learn something new.

Karma is one of those religious concepts that can hold us in bondage. It does this by making us feel that the poor treatment we receive in life is something we deserve. When we feel we deserve poor treatment in life, that is what we receive. We block our own blessings!

Moving beyond our perceived karma is more a question of changing our frequency. That said, there are a good many things we need to overcome in order to be able to do that. For me, it is the journey of forgiveness. We have to be able to forgive ourselves for our own transgressions and mistakes. We have to be willing to forgive others for the pain they have caused us. We also need to be able to forgive the experiences, or traumas, we have endured as well as the energies that surround us in our environments. Moving beyond all these experiences changes our frequency/energy.

Karma is not so much about punishment as it is about controlling our state of BEing. Energy does carry over into the next life. Your choices in this lifetime determine where you end up in the next existence, based solely on the frequency you carry with you. Do what you can to rid yourself of blocks that come with living life. Choose forgiveness, and you will have the ability to move beyond your present problems into a new and beautiful life.


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