Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Debt Forgiveness

There is a very revealing book called "Confessions Of An Economic Hitman," by John Perkins. In it he details how countries are either persuaded or coerced into giving up the rights to their country's resources to very powerful transnational corporations. The vast majority of cases end up in situations where the countries are in extreme debt to various banks. While we have been taught to just accept this state of affairs as the way the world works, it is all a lie. It is a lie designed to trap us all and keep us slaves to a system that benefits only a few very wealthy and powerful people at the top of the food chain.

They do the same thing to individuals that they do to countries--steal all their personal resources. Look at the housing crisis of 2008. Laws were passed that enabled the banks to make loans to vast numbers of people they knew couldn't afford them. It isn't that the people couldn't afford to get a home. They were given homes bigger than what their salaries could realistically afford. While you could say their greed was their own worst enemies, the fact of the matter is they did not understand the math/economics behind the loans. They just knew their friends and coworkers, who were in the same boat, were being given the same loans on similar salaries. Behind the scenes, the bankers not only received huge payments from the interest on all these loans, but they were also able to use the profits to fund their massive ponzi schemes. As the average Joes began to default on their loans, the money the bankers were gambling also became lost. Because banks have money, they persuaded politicians to give them more money to gamble--otherwise known as the "bailouts". What most people fail to recognize is that the banks also gained vast amounts of real estate in the deal--our foreclosed upon houses. (Ironically, they write this acquired property off as losses!!!)

Unless you are intelligent and creative and work outside the usual employment system, you are probably stuck in the rat race that is today's world. You run on the hamster wheel with all your might, but you never seem to go anywhere. It was designed to be that way--all your hard work going to benefit someone else who sits back in some cushy office and makes the rules.

It is time for this to stop, and we are the key! Look at the US national deficit. Our government has borrowed so much money from the Federal Reserve Bank (which is a private institution not truly part of our government and pays dividends to its secret stock holders) that they taxes we pay every year don't go to the budget. Our taxes pay off the interest we owe to the Federal Reserve. Our government is run on money we borrow every year. This is why it never ends. Most of us don't take the time to look at the situation as it is. We just assume it is working the way it is supposed to and never question it.

What if we all stopped and said, "Enough! Our debt is fake and there is no need to pay falsely created debt!" Would our society fall apart? No. We would just be freeing ourselves from our captors.

The concept of debt forgiveness, or jubilee, has been around for a very long time, and we are much overdue. Isn't it time we free ourselves and create something new? Hopefully this time around we will create a world where everyone can live in the freedom and abundance they deserve.


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  1. I keep praying for this all the time and in my heart, I feel that it is totally within our grasp!