Thursday, January 7, 2016

Do You Read Frequencies?

Years ago when I worked at a treatment center for emotionally disturbed children, I worked with a little guy who seemed to have the usual problems that landed a child in such a place. Besides the very common ADHD and erratic behaviors, we began noticing some unusual throat-clearing sounds coming from him. Further investigation and diagnosis revealed he had a mild case of Tourettes' Syndrome. He ended up being one of my favorite children at the facility and I grew quite close to him while he was there. I became used to his behaviors and ticks--all part of his frequncy. I even remember a distinct smell in his breath--not unpleasant but different from anything I had ever smelled before. 

I never thought anything about this encounter with mild Tourette's until years later, when I met another boy. I was friends with his mom, and she was struggling with him because of behavioral problems she did not understand. His behaviors didn't bother me because I was used to such frequencies. Then one day, I caught a distinct smell from his breath. It reminded me of the little guy I had worked with at the group home with Tourette's. I began to wonder if he too had Tourette's, especially after it dawned on me his behavior was similar to the boy at the group home. This boy was diagnosed with Tourette's several months down the road. To this day I still think there was something I picked up in that smell, but even more important was the similar frequency these two boys carried. 

I have a tendency to be good at picking up on bipolar behavior. I have dealt with it personally within my own family, but I encountered even more of it when I was a daycare teacher. In children, it will often manifest as ADHD behavior, but will be different in anger. A child with normal ADHD will get angry but can be talked out of his/her anger through rational thought. A child who is bipolar will often seem like he/she has ADHD, but anger is a whole different matter. A bipolar child will get angry about something and the only way to calm him/ her down is to get them to focus on something totally unrelated to the issue that angered them in the first place. Otherwise, the anger cycles in on itself and gets even more out-of-control.

I have a friend who has a son with Asperger Syndrome, which is a milder, high-functioning form of autism. Her autism radar goes off when she encounters someone with a similar frequency. As I have also worked with various forms of autism in daycare settings, it is something I can tune into as well.

Ever wondered how you know to stay away from certain people at certain times? It's like you just know they are angry and will strike out at anyone who comes within arms length of them if they are approached, so you just avoid them? You may be aware of addictive personalities. You may be drawn to people who make you laugh without having heard them crack the first joke, but you sense that ability. Believe it or not, you too are reading frequencies! We often don't understand that's what we're doing, but it is happening all the same.

Next time you discover yourself attracted to someone or find yourself running away from another in fear before a word has been spoken between you, understand you are picking up on frequency! The more aware you are when you pick up on frequency, the more skilled you will become at doing it. Learn to appreciate the more subtle abilities you have been blessed with by paying attention to all those things that draw or repel you. You may just be surprised by how gifted you are!!!



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