Monday, January 25, 2016

Getting To Know Your Angels

Did you know you have angels who are assigned to you personally? (Yes, you are just that special!) Their jobs are to help you accomplish your goals and mission in life. They prompt you to take certain actions through thoughts or "coincidences". They keep you out of harms way if that is not part of your life's plan. They even provide physical things you need, although you might not consider your angels were the ones who brought them. You can get to know your angels personally, although for the vast majority of us the process takes time and focus.

I became aware of my angels, particularly the one I consider my angel-in-charge, by connecting to my heart space and becoming aware of energies that surround me. I had recently learned the process and I was guiding my sister through the technique. When we were both connected, I just sat there and focused on feeling the energies around me. I felt a presence a foot or two behind myself, sort of off to my right side. Interestingly enough, I felt a similar presence behind my sister but I knew that was her angel and I didn't need to concern myself with him. This is was my first acknowledgement of the presence of my personal guardian.

The whole experience intrigued me to the point where I began to seek more information about what happened. I was able to describe the experience to a very gifted intuitive, and she helped me determine more exactly what had happened. She also gave me suggestions for what to pay attention to--specifics like did it feel safe and where did those knowing feelings occurr in my own body. (Different people will get intuitive feelings/information in different locations in their bodies. Most of mine occur in my stomach and solar plexus areas, but they can even occur in something like your arm or your big toe. Don't judge them!)

I began to take time daily to get in touch with this particular angel. One of my favorite times of day was at work. At the time I was still working as a daycare teacher and I had a class of two year olds that took naps every day just after lunch. The two hour period where they slept gave me a large portion of time to get quiet and get connected. I found myself talking to my angel a lot during this time. As I didn't have a name for him, my offbeat sense of humor began referring to him as "Bob". Every time I used that name, I could feel my angel laughing. (Yes, they can have a sense of humor!) After a while of referring to him as "Bob", I heard a soft voice in my head. "My name is Saul." I was quite surprised by that. For some reason I never thought to ask for a real name.

Over time, I got out of the habit of talking to Saul, although I know he is still with me. I have once again made time to become aware of his specific presence just so I can hear his voice and advice a little more clearly.

You can get to know the presence and voice of your own angel/angels. It is simply a question of connecting to your heart and allowing yourself to become aware of the energies around you. Pay attention to feelings of safety or harm because all the energies around you are not necessarily helpful. The more familiar you become with various energies, the more you can learn about the spiritual realm.


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  1. I've always wanted to know the name of my guardian angel and communicate in such a way. I shall try this!