Saturday, January 9, 2016

God In Me

Growing up Christian, I heard a lot about having God in my heart. This is what the concept of the Holy Spirit is all about--God within. While I appreciate that Christianity contains the concept of God dwelling within the human soul, it strikes me Christians don't take responsibility for it. That's where the problems begin.

In this world of separation, we see God as separate from ourselves. He is almighty, all-powerful and perfect. These are concepts very much outside the imperfection that is us as human beings. Consequently, while we are taught to believe a version of God lives in everyone, we fail to identify with it. It's inside, but it is not us. (Really? Sounds like the definition of possession to me!)

Christians have a tendency to say things like, "Let go and let God" and "If it's God's will" in order to justify not taking responsibility for their own lives. That way, if things don't turn out as they want, they can justify the negativity. Again, these are concepts that suggest God is not really joined with who they are.

I believe the Persian poet and mystic (who was also Islamic) Rumi gave one of the best explanations of God in me that I have ever heard. He said:
You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.
In other words, you are not just a piece of God, separate and incomplete. Everything that IS God is contained inside you. This is why Jesus told his disciples they could perform even greater miracles than he had done. We all have the power of God inside ourselves. We simply see it as separate from who we are, so we are not able to use it.

Christians believe they cannot be complete without God so they have to intentionally take in what they believe to be God. What they fail to recognize is, God is already there!!! It's not about taking something foreign inside. It's about recognizing what has been there all along.

There is no need to go to something outside yourself and ask what the divine plan for you is. Ask your heart where you should go and what you should do. The information is there, and it has been there the whole time.

Everything that IS God is in me. Everything that IS God is in you. Isn't it time to tune in to that God frequency and use it to change the world?



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