Thursday, January 28, 2016

If You Could See What I See

One of my spiritual gifts is the ability to see the talents and giftedness of others. I was a very small child when I began using it, quite unconsciously. I'm pretty sure I tapped into it because I'm also empathic. When someone is sad and hurting, bringing up things they are good at helps them to focus on the positive.

When I look at people, I can usually pick up on what their gifts are pretty quickly. Upon spending a little more time with them I can also pick up on potential gifts or gifts that can be developed to be really outstanding. It has made me something of a cheerleader, but I can also usually come up with ideas to help the person make use of those gifts.

The types of gifts people have are endless and often unseen. Many gifts get taken for granted because they don't appear to be abilities society values. If they can't make you money they aren't worth much is sort of the underlying principle here. For example, people with a gift for hospitality often take that gift for granted. They are great at taking care of others, seeing their needs are met, making them feel welcome, etc. One can channel such a talent into a moneymaking career (such as in the hotel industry), but many times people with such gifts flounder in life because they don't know how to put their gifts into practice in practical ways.

One of the coolest things about being able to see the gifts in others is when you come across a person society believes has no value. For example, in my retail job I occasionally see people who are severely handicapped--people who are in wheelchairs and can do nothing on their own. Often I am drawn to these people because they have extremely powerful spirits. I would call such giftedness presence. Not only is there very powerful love emanating from these individuals, but I am often made to understand this disability is present in order to help their caregivers. Sometimes it is to help the caregiver find their talents in healing or another area. Sometimes it is to help the caregiver stay away from poor lifestyle choices. The reasons vary, but the contributions these people make are much more significant than society understands.

If you could see what I see when I look at you, you would know how truly magnificent you are! You would understand there is no one else in the whole world that could take your place--no one else who can do exactly what you can do. If you were not here, there would be an empty spot in the Universe. Know your gifts and talents are needed to help heal this planet. Understand your value is great and you are loved infinitely by the great I AM!



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