Saturday, January 16, 2016

Learning The Lesson

Have you ever wondered why the same situations--the same dramas--play out over and over again in your life? Even when you have successfully gotten rid of one tormentor, does a new tormentor come along to take his/her place? Instead of fighting the person or situation off or running away, try asking the Universe what this situation is trying to teach you. There just might be a lesson you need to learn!

Maybe you have a habit of picking out relationships that start out great, but end up verbally or physically abusive. Maybe you find yourself attracting needy people who end up taking up the majority of your time and energy. Eventually you manage to get out of the relationships, but the next time around it happens all over again.

The patterns don't even have to be about other people. You might have a habit of investing in bad business deals or jumping into exciting new hobbies only to discover down the road none of them lived up to your expectations.

Do these repeating circumstances mean you're doomed to failure? Absolutely not! It just means you need to begin asking questions and study out the details of the situations.

The best place to get answers is in your heart. In your quiet meditation time, ask yourself questions like, "What do these situations have in common?" and "What do I feel at the beginning of these relationships that I should be taking notice of?" Answers will come as you learn to listen to the voice that comes in the silence.

After I divorced my first husband, I found myself in two very similar relationships--both where trust and mistreatment were issues. It took about two months in each of these relationships for me to understand the similarities to my failed marriage and to break things off. It took quite a while longer for me to find the relationship I now have with a very supportive and caring husband because I was so used to being treated poorly it felt strange when someone actually treated me well! I had to change how I thought of myself as well as change what I was willing to accept.

Asking questions is key because asking questions allows you to begin seeing the same situations from different perspectives. When you have a more well-rounded picture of what is going on, you can approach the situation differently. You can change your energy/frequency and BEcome something new!

The more you begin to understand that life here on Earth is a school of sorts, the more quickly you will learn to work through your lessons. Life becomes easier as you shed the cocoon that has enslaved you and free yourself to soar to new heights.


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