Saturday, January 2, 2016

Manifestation And The Divine Feminine

As I contemplate the year ahead--the year I am calling the Year Of Manifestation, something big and amazing jumps out at me. Manifestation is an act of creation. Although conception uses both masculine and feminine traits, creation is given over completely to the feminine side of things. That fact is extremely significant. Last year's energies were tumultuous because the world was transitioning from thousands of years of masculine control into a new era of feminine creation!

This does not mean women will be in charge or that we are going to a female dominated world. That is much too simplistic, and following up on such an idea would unbalance things in a direction we do not wish to go in. Understand we are all made up of both feminine and masculine traits. What I am talking about involves allowing yourself to use your Divine Feminine qualities of creation to help manifest a new world--a world in which we all desire to live!

Now is the time to do a full assessment of self. What are your gifts and talents? How would you like to see those gifts used in the world? If you are not sure, begin to look at all those things that make you happy and joyful. Do you feel happiest surrounded by and caring for family and friends? Maybe cleaning or cooking makes you feel more happy and clear. You might feel happy using your intelligence to solve problems at work. Maybe art or music makes you come alive. Maybe you are a healer and feel fulfilled helping others heal. Whatever your gifts are, don't judge them. Know they are needed in the big picture of creation!

This is also the time to nurture and grow your personal Divine Feminine qualities. Find time every day to connect to your heart through meditation. Ask questions about the direction you need to go in and listen long enough to hear the answers! Allow yourself to envision!

The power of manifestation lies in your ability to connect to that Divine Feminine part of self--literally your heart! Allow yourself to use these muscles of creation to bring new life into the world. Who you BE in the world matters!!! Make sure your frequency is one that builds and raises the frequency of those around you. It is your Divine Feminine which will manifest a better world.


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