Friday, January 15, 2016

Meditation To Let Go Of Fear

I've had an interesting exchange with a guy on social media. I posted a picture that read, "There are well over a billion Muslims in the world. If Islam was really about violence you'd all be dead by now. Stop letting your TV tell you who to hate." Some guy I do not know came back with some supposed statistic 300,000,000 of them have been radicalized to want to kill him and that he'll hate who he wants to hate. It honestly makes me sad to know this man has been so brainwashed he believes the garbage he sees in the media and lives in such great fear that he allows it to make him hate.

As long as we live in fear, we cannot have the peace we so desperately desire and need. Fear brings on feelings of hate and anger. It brings out the belief that we need to go into fight mode in order to "defend" ourselves. Fear keeps us separate.

It is time to ferret fear out of our hearts, and allow ourselves to come together as One.

Letting Go Of Fear

  1. Find a quiet room and sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take several deep, cleansing breaths, allowing any tension and stress to flow out of you.
  2. When calm and relaxed, focus in on the beating of your heart. Allow yourself to feel your soul residing with this beating heart. 
  3. Now focus on feeling your soul inside the confines of your body. Concentrate on what it feels like for your spirit to be limited to the space of your body.
  4. Allow your soul to expand while still remaining in your body. Feel your soul expanding to the space of the room you are in. Expand it even more to fill the town or county your physical body is in. Continue to expand your soul so it reaches ever expanding space--your state or country, your hemisphere in the world, the whole world, and then expanding out into infinity.
  5. Allow yourself to feel and explore this expanded and infinite space. You may sense the presence of other people or animals. You might sense nature or buildings. This is the place where literally everything resides.
  6. As you explore this space, notice you are not separate from anything. Allow yourself to explore fear in this place. It is here, but does it overwhelm you? Explore other emotions as well. Love. Anger. Joy. Etc. Is fear more important than anything else, or does it become more mellow and easier to deal with in the place of Oneness?
  7. Rest in this understanding. Perspective is key. Fear does not need to have dominance over you. Allow it to dissipate and assume its rightful place within Oneness.
Fear was designed to help us gain valuable insights. In this world of duality, fear has been used to keep us all separate and overwhelmed to the point we cannot heal our planet or ourselves. Allow your heart be your guide as you choose to be a healing force in the world. Let go of your fear and allow yourself to be led by love.