Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Disclosure Process

Something BIG has been happening in the conspiracy theory community! Conspiracy theory type information has been leaking out from mainstream sources! It is happening a little at a time, but it is happening!!! Disclosure is a huge deal to conspiracy theorists because truth has been so well hidden by the powers that be. It brings about a certain vindication that we aren't as crazy as we have been painted.

Most conspiracy theorists are aware television programs and movies often share truths about a hidden reality--particularly sci-fi related shows. We marvel at the information presented as though it has come about purely through a writer's big imagination. This is what we call "soft disclosure".  It presents truth, but it does it in such a way that most people are unaware it is reality.

The biggest revelations lately have been a combination of soft disclosure accompanied by related mainstream disclosure. More specifically, soft disclosure began with the new X-Files mini-series (released on Jan. 24, 2016) and was backed by recently released information on alien investigations on the US government's CIA website.

The CIA website includes the following information:

For years, it has been rumored in the conspiracy theory community that there will be a huge data dump/disclosure at the time they are able to arrest all those in power who have conspired to destroy and enslave the planet. The problem with such a scenario lies in the fact that the vast majority of people on the planet are not ready for the magnitude of such revelations being uncovered all at the same time.

I personally do not see that disclosure scenario happening. Rather, I see it as a gradual process very much like the revelations that have just occurred with alien investigations. Most people in the world will be presented with the information, but at this point in time the revelations are easily digestible--milk instead of meat. Those who still sleep will not benefit from the meat that is truth. Those who have already been open to the meatier portions of the truth will see the revelations and understand the disclosure process is under way.

Truth is dawning like the sun after the long winter's solstice. It takes a while for the sun to come up. The sun shines brighter for longer periods of time as the days go on. It is a gradual process, but like the sunshine it is not possible to totally block it out. Full disclosure is coming. Understand it is a process.


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