Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Perfection Of Imperfection

Most of us are living a lie. We are told we need to be perfect--to jump through the neat little hoops that society has laid out for us. We do our best to be good citizens and human beings, falling short time and time again. Mistakes are us, and we feel bad when we make them because we should somehow be able to stop ourselves from making them.

We justify this state of affairs by saying we are only human--that human beings are imperfect and can't be held to standards of perfection. Only God (or his only begotten son) can truly be perfect.

Many of us continue to slog through this life, making mistake after mistake. Sometimes we continue making the same mistakes over and over again. These are the times we scratch our heads and beat ourselves up over our transgressions.

The simple fact is, we didn't come to this 3D existence to be perfect. We came to learn. We came to grow. We came to get dirty, get in trouble, make mistakes...and make them again. It isn't about maintaining a squeaky clean appearance. It's about imperfection!

When we live in perfection, we learn nothing. We don't appreciate what we have because there is no contrast to show us--no valley of death that makes us appreciate what life has to offer.

There is perfection in our imperfection. It is our mistakes, our struggles, our conflicts, our problems that help us engage in both the light and dark sides of the spectrum. We are able to learn in a more well-rounded way. It is our imperfections that work together to make us perfect.


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