Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Tipping Point

I've seen a few intel/news reports in the alternative news recently that I want to believe are true--stuff about a new financial system and currency revaluations. The problem is, I've seen this stuff before. It's one of many things that is just right around the corner but comes with delay after delay after delay. More hopeium? I decided (finally) to inquire of my higher self during my meditation time, and what I got was this: humanity is at the tipping point.

What does it mean for humanity to be at the tipping point? For me, that means we're close to having enough people on the planet who are awake, aware and ready to actively take part in changing the direction of the planet. Regardless of the people already working behind the scenes to fix the planet, it will still take enough people who actually understand change needs to occur for the changes to come out into the open.

The intel I saw talked about many things already having been accomplished and just waiting the orders to become open, common knowledge. Currencies all over the planet have de-pegged from the US petrodollar with gold backed currencies. New financial computer systems have been set up and are operational. Those in power have supposedly signed off on the majority of their powers as this new system sets up. What is the delay?

There are still a good many people on this planet who have a vested interest in seeing the status quo maintained, and these are not just the powers that be. The "hold outs" are people who refuse to acknowledge the vast amount of corruption in the world because doing so would mean their comfortable way of life would stop (or so they think). The true irony is these same people have no idea how much better their lives would be if the current powers that be were no longer in charge. Their hard work would pay off better than their wildest dreams because the current powers that be would no longer have their hands in the pockets of humanity, taking every last nickel and dime they can steal!

We are at the tipping point to monumental change! Allow your fears to be put to rest as you acknowledge the need for the world to change. The quicker we understand that change is good, the quicker we can bring about the world of our dreams.


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