Friday, January 8, 2016

Transitioning Away From "News"

Within the conspiracy theory community, I hear a lot of people talk about how they stay away from mainstream news. I definitely believe there is a lot of garbage there that parades around as truth, so it is better to avoid it. However, my thinking is also changing as far as alternative news. I am to the point where I am no longer an avid fan of it either. I don't totally dismiss it any more than I totally dismiss mainstream news. I just no longer rely on it.

News has been something of an addiction for me throughout my lifetime. Some of my earliest childhood memories involve sitting down to the dinner table with the evening news on in the background. I was always curious about what was happening in the world, just as my parents were. When I fell down the rabbit hole into the realm of conspiracy theory, alternative news sources were a natural transition. 

The problem I now have with news is not actually with the news itself. What I see as the problem is how I take it in and how I process it. Typically, whether mainstream or alternative, I take in the information though my senses of sight and sound and process this information with my brain. Herein lies the problem. I am limiting my input to information gathered outside my heart. 

Creating our new world is about changing our focus from the mind to the heart. It is about becoming so in touch with our hearts we are thinking through and acting from that place--that place of connection to all things. Thinking through the mind often comes from a place of separation.

Whether mainstream or alternative news, when we focus on this information from the mind, the mind will provide all the "solutions". As Albert Einstein once said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

The more I follow the guidance of my heart, the more I see solutions outside mainstream thinking. The more I pick up on information from my heart, the more I find information I was totally unaware of before--information the news cannot and does not see. 

I am not totally dismissing news. There are times when the awareness of my heart picks up on some small detail provided in the news that correlates to the insights I receive from my heart.

As we get closer to opening ourselves to the divine wisdom of the heart, the limited information of the mind loses its appeal. Finding yourself in a place where you no longer find news appealing is an indication you are firmly moving toward creating a more heart-based world.


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