Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What Is Prayer?

People throughout the world have certain ideas about what prayer is. For some, it requires chanting or beads. Others believe the form or content is what is important. Regardless of your personal beliefs, I would like to challenge you to think of prayer in terms of energy/frequency. In this way of thinking, prayer would be defined as consciously connecting your energy to the energy of the Divine.

There are two important elements to prayer defined as energy: giving and receiving. Connecting to the Divine requires energy exchange. It is not merely one side doing all the talking and one side all the listening. It is a dance of sorts--a give and take that empowers and enriches all involved. You may ask, but you also understand more action may be required when the answer comes.

In my own personal prayer time, I come with openness and expectation. This is important as most of the time I function in a state of separation. Prayer is intentionally different. It is a time I acknowledge I am not alone and I am open to answers and power I do not have access to when I believe I am separate. It is this openness that creates a fundamental shift in thinking. I become aware of things I was not aware of before. I can even direct Divine energy to problems that need fixing. For example, when I am connected in prayer I can focus that openness and energy on my friend who is sick and consciously direct healing energy into his/her body.

Most days, we make prayer much more complicated than it needs to be. Use your awareness to open yourself to the energy that is Oneness, and allow it to guide you in ways that lead to new understandings and more positive interactions with the world at large.


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