Monday, February 29, 2016

Getting Back To Our Roots

A good many people in the US believe religion is at the heart of why people came to the New World and that our country was always a "Christian" nation, I'm not buying it. Yes, the most famous group who came over on the Mayflower, the Puritans, came over mainly for religious freedom. Most of the rest were for-profit ventures hoping to exploit potential riches in the New World and claim new territory for their respective kings. What I do believe is this: the people who settled this New World were creative, independent, and responsible and did not need help to make new lives for themselves. It is exactly these roots Americans need to get back to if we are to grow our country great again!

The United States has been hemorrhaging jobs for years now. Americans complain that their jobs are being shipped overseas because of slave labor wages in many 3rd world countries while these same corporations make money hand-over-fist and then hide their extra profits in various ways so they pocket extra money. In my way of thinking, Americans are having job problems because we have become dependent on a system that used to provide for us, but no longer does.

For me, the more recent history of the Industrial Revolution shines a light on our current problems. It was in this age of expansion that Americans began to become less independent. Instead of owning their own farms or businesses, more and more people began to be employed in factories which promised good wages. If you look around at our dying job sector, the jobs that were lost earliest were these factory sorts of jobs. As people lost these factory jobs, they could no longer pay for extra goods and services they had become used to. People who lose jobs or think their jobs might be cut next don't got out to dinner or buy that extra TV. This slows the entire economy down and small businesses begin to go under.

If you haven't figured it out already, we are now in the Information Age. Technology is where our futures lie, although not necessarily in the way people think of it. There is definitely a need to manufacture microchips and other things critical to functioning in this new age. It is no longer about the big corporations, who only know how to suck us all dry. What needs to happen is for us to use this technology to create our own jobs!!!

The United States was not great because big corporations handed Americans jobs. The US was great because we used our brains and our talents to create the lives we wanted to live. We designed products and services and businesses to be proud of!

If the United States of America is to become great again, it will have nothing to do with the big corporations who have taken our livelihoods away. It will be because We the People have created our own lives, independent and free from those who believe they are our masters! It is time to get back to creating our own unique jobs, using the technology available to us. Buy a farm! Help people disconnect from the grid through clean energy technologies! Supply your community with goods and services they can use every day!

Stop believing it is the government's or the corporations' place to get you back on your feet! You are the master of your own fate! Getting back to our roots is all about taking responsibility for our own lives and making things happen! Get up off your butt and do something about it!!!



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