Thursday, February 25, 2016

Healing And Integrating The Dark Side Of Self

I believe emotions are instructional tools. When we feel strong emotions, those are signals that we need to pay attention to and deal with an underlying issue. Lately what has set my emotions off are the politics being played out on the national (US) stage. It dawns on me this morning that I need to work a little harder at resolving some of these issues with myself.

The person who sets me off the most at present is Hillary Clinton. Because of my dealings with alternative radio, I have done a lot of research into the connections between the occult and power. She has come up frequently in this research. I'm not going to detail what I believe because my issue is not something you need to add to your plate of issues. We all have our own work to do. I bring this up because I want to give you a concrete example of how I am working to heal myself through the issues that come up for me.

When I look at Hillary, I can see that I have personally put up energetic blocks between us. Much of this has been about my own protection from the forces I see around her. The other part of this is not wanting to acknowledge my own evil. The thing is, knowing what I know about Oneness, deep down I understand that Hillary and I are One. To deny her is to deny myself. To deny her is to deny what the contrast of her life has given to me. Without her, I am not able to acknowledge and learn from all that IS. Contrast is one of the best learning tools we have here in duality.

This is why Ho'oponopono is such a spectacularly helpful tool. (For more information on this healing technique, see "The Power Of Ho'oponopono" and "Ho'oponopono Revisited".) In a nutshell, Ho'oponopono is a healing technique that assumes personal responsibility for all the circumstances in our lives. Its four parts (I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) acknowledge the role we have played in the problems that have been created and breaks down the walls we have built that keep ourselves from understanding all that IS. As we give thanks for the awareness, blocked energy is allowed to flow freely once again.

As I look at my own personal hangups with Hillary, I am able to see where my putting her in the "evil" box has had the effect of keeping her there. She is trapped until I understand what I need to see about her, the world, and myself. As I pray and meditate, I apologize for my role in the problem and ask for forgiveness. I thank her for her willingness to help me learn what I came to Earth to learn, and I acknowledge our Oneness through love.

Healing does not come from winning the fight. It comes from letting the fight go and allowing awareness to once again become part of self. As parts of Oneness, Hillary's struggle is my struggle, just as my struggle is hers. By acknowledging the roles of others, we allow what IS to exist freely in flow. We are able to integrate and heal the darker side of self.  


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