Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Identifying Judgment

We all live in judgment. I have spent the past several years trying to identify the judgment I carry around in order to let go of it. Why? Judgment is all about separation. In my quest to BE unconditional love, I do not want there to be anything that stands in my way, especially myself and my ego.

I'm going to pick on vegans to illustrate my point about judgment. Understand there are vegans out there who do not fall into this category, and I am really not trying to badmouth any vegan's goals or life choices. I honestly appreciate the fact they do not want to harm animals. There is definitely value in this point of view.

What gets me about vegans is you almost always know they are vegans. They shun all animal products--including clothing--and are usually very vocal about why. Why am I using vegans to illustrate my point about judgment? Vegans are a group that often hold the idea they are superior because of their vegan standards. This is why many vegans become activists. They want to push their judgment onto everyone else. They want you to know what an awful murderer you are because you eat their friends.

I have found most of my personal judgment revolves around my very Christian upbringing. Even with all the time and effort I have put into overcoming my judgment, I still feel twinges of judgment when I run into someone who does something my background has taught me is a "sin".

How do I know I have run into judgment? I know because I feel myself holding back from someone or something else. I do not freely exchange energy with them. I do not love them unconditionally. While this might seem like self-preservation at times, I don't believe the ultimate goal for our lives here on Earth is separation.

When we learn to identify the judgment we carry around, we can sit with it and allow it. In doing so, we are able to accept all those things considered bad or good in ourselves and others. Ultimately, it leads us back to our hearts. It leads us back to unconditional love. It leads us to Oneness. It leads us home.


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