Monday, February 15, 2016

If We Lived From The Heart

I talk a lot about the world making the transition from living from the mind to living from the heart, but it occurs to me that is not as easily understood as I would like it to be. People think they know what that means. Often, they conclude that thinking from the heart would mean chaos and confusion as all logic and common sense is lost in the emotional onslaught. Honestly, that doesn't sound like a place I would want to live in either. There is logic and common sense involved in living from the heart. What is lost is judgment.

The way we function now--which I like to call from the mind--is thoroughly encased in judgment. For example, people who worship the god Science actively look for truth by engaging in experiments and basing conclusions on those findings. While I believe there is value in such an approach to life, I also believe it is limited. People who rely mainly on science to explain the world around them are subject to not only the biases of the people running the experiments, but they can also be controlled and manipulated by outright lies presented by some of these "scientists". People who rely solely on the mind cannot tap into the guidance of their intuitions in order to ascertain who is lying and who is credible. They become prey to those who would deceive them for power or gain.

People who live their lives through religion also function largely from the mind. Such people use the holy books of their religions and the personal teachings they have either grown up with or chosen as adults to shape their actions. Even though some of these people actually do end up having some sort of encounter with the Divine, they end up defining it through their religious perspective, limiting what they allow that experience to be and never quite fully engaging their hearts/intuitions. Questioning the basic tenants of most religions can result in excommunication and eternal hell.

Living from the heart is more of a blank canvas which you continue to create as time goes on. Instead of looking outside yourself for answers, you internally ask what you should do in this moment of now. Looking within is key because it is your heart that connects you to everything that exists (what I call Oneness).

To illustrate the differences between each perspective, let's look at a murder. This particular murder is one where the person killed his entire family in a drug induced rage. From a science-based mind approach, a person might see someone who is terribly addicted to drugs and out of control. Of course this person needs to be locked up, probably for life. He can be treated for the drug addiction, but there is always the possibility that he is beyond hope as his brain may have been permanently damaged from the drugs.

From a religious, mind-based approach, one might see a lost soul who has chosen to live without God. Not only does the murderer need to repent of his sins, but he is also in need of accepting the services of a personal savior in order to escape the fiery pits of hell. In this lifetime he may be offered treatment and counseling services, which could help some. However, life imprisonment and even a death sentence might be more in line with the nature of the crime.

In a heart-based perspective, a person would look at the murderer and ask internally what they need to see and know about this situation. This person might be guided to the physical aspects of the addiction, but also the conditions that led to the addiction in the first place. Former abuse could be uncovered. Pain, hurt and confusion would run deep within the murderer, and the heart is what would uncover it. Yes, the person would still be locked up, but they would be treated with compassion. If there is a way to heal the murderer, the heart will find it.

Today's world is one where we function as if one size fits all. The simple truth is, each situation we encounter is just as distinct and different as each individual on the planet. The mind likes to sort these things in boxes. The heart allows for these individual differences and provides for the needs of each one. The more we incorporate such thinking into our BEing, the closer we are to creating the world of our dreams!


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  1. I can and do correlate to your post! I chose to live with heart, however life gets in my way and often feel judged by life and or society for doing such! I wish society could see beyond, our systems sadly aren't geared for looking at depth of wrongs!! Don't see the reaction rather understand why the action was undertaken. I throughly enjoy reading your wisdom. ❤️