Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ramblings Of A Mad Woman

I will claim it. I am mad in both definitions of the word! I am crazy and angry, and at this point in time I really don't care who knows. For all intents and purposes, I am a conspiracy theorist--have been for a number of years now. The irony here is, I am no longer angry at the powers that be. I am angry with my fellow conspiracy theorists.

Why am I angry with my fellow conspiracy theorists? While they like to discuss all the alternative news available, they aren't doing anything to further the cause of truth. In fact, most of them are still so caught up in the programming the cabal has wrapped us up in they still continue to play the game!!! It's playing the game that pisses me off so much!!!

For example, many of my conspiracy theory friends still believe that one party has some moral superiority over the other. For crying out loud! Haven't you figured out BOTH parties are equally rotten? Granted, some people are worse than others. Some ideologies are truly immoral in so many ways. That doesn't mean that professing one good thing makes you a good candidate! More than likely they are just blowing smoke up your butt like they always do to try to persuade you to vote for them! There is a reason voting feels like choosing the lesser of two evils! It's because we ARE choosing the lesser of two evils!!! Choosing evil only perpetuates the problem!!!

Voting is another issue I have a problem with. There is no doubt in my mind the powers that be have the power to fix elections. They manipulate caucuses. They miscount or lose paper ballots. They even fix votes by programming our black box computers to ever-so-subtly change the votes to their party's candidate. I know a lot of supposedly awake people who believe their vote actually still makes a difference! Bah humbug!!!

Another game conspiracy theorists still play is believing that one group or another is going to ride in on a white horse (or in a white hat) and save the day! Fact of the matter is, there is no savior! No one is coming to fix the world, not even God. We are totally responsible for fixing it ourselves! The belief in a savior is a mind control program that has been so ingrained in our subconscious that we all look for solutions to our problems outside ourselves. Such a belief takes us out of our own power and places us in the control of others. It is only by looking within and connecting to our hearts that we find the power to take care of our own problems.

The worst thing conspiracy theorists do is to tear each other down. We have a tendency to call one another out for something that is not totally on the up-and-up. I've got news for you. Nobody is totally on the up-and-up!!! It's called being human, and we all struggle in a continuous battle between the dark half and the light half of ourselves!!! While it's true that some of the things we do might be counterintuitive, the fact that there are things we achieve that weaken the powers that be do matter. Pointing out our neighbor's flaws only serves to separate us from each other, allowing the cabal to continue on in their dark ways.

Until we all wake up and decide to take responsibility for what happens on this planet, we will continue to live in the muck. It is no longer okay to just accept the status quo! It is time to search your own heart for the answers you seek. When you get the inspiration to do something, follow that instinct! It is only through following the advice and wisdom from our hearts that the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place. Trust the One to be able to put it all together into one beautiful whole.


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