Friday, February 19, 2016

The Benefits Of Being Silent

From an early age, I craved alone time. Most days I would sit alone in my room reading, or I would be out exploring the trees and plants in my yard. I know now a lot of it was because I was highly empathic, and being alone brought me peace. Still, there are many things to gain when you sit in silence.

When you take the time to sit in silence, you are able to get to know self. You can explore your likes and dislikes by asking questions. You can learn about the things that bring you down and the things that inspire you--in other words what to stay away from and what to go after. You can explore your feelings and learn even more.

When you are silent, you can learn about the energies around you. Everything has energy/frequency. Most days we take these energies for granted because most of the things we observe are so common. Furniture, vehicles, plants, animals, etc. Believe it or not, these things even have personalities! It's easy to relate to when it comes to animals. Their energies are similar enough to our own that we often have relationships with them. Others are more difficult. The irony is, there are often things in our lives we have relationships with, but we take them as jokes. For example, how many of us have named our cars? (Or plants, or anything else?) How many of us talk to those same cars? Like I said, we joke around about it, but the next time you do it think about it for a moment. Did you get anything back? A thought or a feeling, perhaps?

There are even energies around that do not have a physical presence, but it is possible to sense them when you take time to be silent. You may have been taught such things are only your imagination, but think about this: Thoughts themselves have energy. I have learned information from beings I would call elementals all because I allowed myself to be open to the possibility of their existence.

There is much to be learned when you take the time to sit in silence. Allow yourself to explore the unseen energies and information in your world. You never know what else might be accomplished when you take the time to understand the more subtle energies around you.

For a simple technique to help clear your mind and get you started, read here (The Space Between Thoughts Meditation).


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