Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Language Of Frequency

What if I told you that everything has a sort of consciousness? We are not trained to think that way. We believe humans are at the top of the food chain because we have the ability to think and move and communicate. Animals come in second, largely because we can see they have many of these same abilities. Everything else that makes up this planet--plants, water, minerals, etc.--is seen as useful but not conscious. The consciousness I am referring to can be experienced and understood as frequency, and, yes, literally everything carries one!

For people who are sensitive to energy, frequency carries a language whose messages can be interpreted. Often these messages are difficult to pick up because we are so used to living in this state of separation we forget we are all part of Oneness. Still, the messages--awarenesses--are out there.

I have always been sensitive to plants. I have a shamrock plant on my kitchen windowsill that lets me know when it needs something--water, more sunlight, etc. I find myself drawn to certain trees, shrubs and plants when I am out in nature. There is a stand of trees in my yard that I put some of my kitchen waste (grease and table scraps) in so they don't clog up my sink. When I first began doing it, I would dump some of it out when it was still hot. After a while though, I was made aware that the heat was hurting the trees! I felt awful! Needless to say, I make sure everything is room temperature before I dump it out now.

It is frequency I hear when I get messages from people who are profoundly disabled. It is frequency I hear when I feel led to check the pockets of my coat and find money. There are literally thousands of voices that surround us every day, all calling out through the power of their personal vibrations.

Perhaps the easiest way to become more sensitive to them is to begin talking to individual things when you connect to Oneness in meditation. Explore a single blade of grass. How does it make you feel? What do you appreciate or dislike about it? The more questions you ask, the more you will begin to understand about whatever you are consciously connecting with.

Frequency does carry a language you can learn to communicate through. It's all part of becoming more aware and connected to your heart. You may just discover your life flows much more easily as you hear the messages from the world around you.


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