Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The One Thing That Will Save Us

The savior mentality. It's pervasive in the world today. People are convinced one change will be the catalyst that will start us back on an uphill path. The thought is that, if we change to this different system or ask one certain person to lead us, the problems will begin to work themselves out. Therein lies the problem. No one institution or person can fix anything. Our problems are collective and require a collective solution.

I look at the Christian community from which I came. People there are waiting for Jesus to come back and save the day. He is supposed to gather up his elect and judge and punish those who persist in their evil. The problem as I see it is twofold. First of all, as humans we are all equal parts good and bad. How will that differentiate one group from another? (And don't use the programmed answered that only God or Jesus can judge!) This thinking is separation in motion. The second part is the fact they are counting on something outside themselves to save them rather than taking personal responsibility for the world's problems.

People also believe politics and politicians can save us. To me, this is the most ludicrous idea we've ever come up with! When have politicians or their political systems ever been solutions to the world's problems? Believing that capitalism will save us or socialism will save us is problematic because the perspectives are limited and don't take all angles or facets into account. If a politician does happen to have integrity, what he/she can do is limited because no one else does. Politics is a cooperative effort if anything is to be accomplished. Finally, we are once again looking for solutions to come from somewhere outside ourselves.

I honestly do believe there is one thing that will save us. What is that one thing, you ask? The one thing that has the potential to save us all is to learn to connect to all that IS--Oneness--by connecting to our hearts.  Oneness IS the collective consciousness. Consulting Oneness is about dropping our own personal egos and allowing ourselves to function in the collective. This Oneness will then allow us to understand what we can personally do to benefit the collective. It is when we act from this place that the magic will happen.

Direction from Oneness does not necessarily "make sense" to our programmed minds. Often what seems ludicrous to our rational (programmed) minds will eventually take us to the place where our actions benefit the collective. It is a very different way of thinking and acting, and one that most of us have been afraid to try (even though we do occasionally get inspiration from Oneness and act on it).

When we are finally willing to drop our egos and connect to Oneness, we work together in harmony. Our hearts and minds sync up as we allow ourselves to become One.



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