Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Space Between Thoughts Meditation

Today, I want to share a very simple technique to help you clear your mind and consciously connect to the space where God/Source can actually speak to you and provide you with the answers you need in your daily life.

  1. Find a quiet place where you can sit in a comfortable position without interruption. Consciously ask for freedom from interruption and protection from any energy that may wish to interfere or harm.
  2. Take several minutes to focus on your breathing, allowing yourself to inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Picture tensions leaving your body as you exhale. Imagine breathing in positive energies when you inhale.
  3. Center yourself fully in your body in the Now by focusing on the beat/beat of your own heart. Feel the life force flow through yourself as your heart pumps blood/energy throughout your body. Stay in this space for several minutes.
  4. Expand your energy/spirit beyond your own physical body as you stay centered in your physical body. Allow your spiritual body to become so large it has no physical limitations and is part of the infinite.
  5. See the word BELIEVE on the picture screen of your mind. Notice the shape of each letter and how they all look together. Focus on this word for several minutes so it is clearly etched in your consciousness.
  6. Without erasing the word BELIEVE, see the word RECEIVE on the picture screen in your mind. Focus solely on the word RECEIVE for several minutes until it is firmly locked in place there.
  7. Now look at the two words together, focusing on the space in between the two words. Expand this space so it is big enough for you to enter inside of it. Allow yourself to stand in this space between the two words and rest within it. Feel how light the space is. This is a place you can go to in order to renew yourself. Take the time to get to know it and experience it in this moment of Now without judging it or yourself.
By consciously connecting to the space between words, it is possible to quickly and easily clear your mind of the noise of everyday living. The more you practice this simple technique, the more quickly you can enter a space where your mind is not taking over. You are able to access the guidance and wisdom of the One because you are in a space where you are thinking/feeling with your heart.


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