Thursday, February 4, 2016

The World Evolving

There is a farm deep in the breadbasket of California known as Singing Frogs Farm. It is a very small (around 8 acres) organic farm run by former Peace Corps volunteers, Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser. What makes the farm something extra is the fact that they not only produce bumper crops of vegetables rich in nutrients, but they manage to earn $100,000 per acre of ground using very little water and a no till approach. They even pulled off this miracle in the middle of the California drought!

How does this happen? It happens because they think outside the box. They innovate and experiment and look for strategies that fit their particular environment. They look for ways to compliment and enrich Mother Earth. It isn't a competitive approach. It is one of dependence and interdependence, human and earth living in harmony.

If the world is to survive, this is exactly the approach we need to take. It is not about competition. While we've been trained to believe that survival of the fittest crap, that is not our true nature. We act competitively, yet deeper down we have the very real capacity to work together to accomplish great things--things that our minds tell us are impossible but our hearts know to be very possible.

It takes thinking outside the box. It takes listening to and acting on the guidance and wisdom of the heart. It is a very different way of thinking and acting than we have been taught, and it is not an easy transition for most of us.

The fact that the Kaisers were former Peace Corps volunteers says something to me. It says they came into the world wanting to help. It tells me they know how to think with their hearts. They have followed their hearts into this arena of organic farming to a place where the fruit of their labors are not only healthy, but profitable! They are pioneers in the forefront of an evolving world.

We all need this pioneering spirit again! The world has problems, but they can be overcome. They cannot be overcome through competition and the usual corporate mentality that has been touted to save us. This approach is killing us and the planet.

It is time to begin using our hearts to lead us to a healthier and more productive place. The world is evolving. Time to get to work and move it along into a stronger and more positive way of life!


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