Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trusting The Divine

In some respects, my life was much easier when I was a Christian. I believed God had a plan for my life. I just sat back and watched it all unfold and accepted that what happened was supposed to happen for my benefit. All I needed to do was acknowledge him and try to live the sort of life the Bible prescribed. The positive aspect of this life was that I was able to live in a state of flow because I always trusted God had my back.

When I began to understand that religion had been put into place to control the masses, the foundation I had built my life on tumbled to the ground. Over time, I have been able to rebuild my life, but it has been a struggle. What I have fought with most is the concept of trust. As I no longer had a working definition for what God is, I struggled to trust something that I couldn't even define.

Trust is important for a smooth life. When you trust, it is much easier to survive the upsets because you understand they will pass and your life will get better once again. You know that some unseen force is standing behind you, enabling you to power on. When you lack trust, you are in the ultimate state of separation. You see yourself as the only thing you can rely on. When you fail, there is nothing else left to support you. You are alone in the world.

The truth is, we are all on this journey together. There are physical realms and spiritual realms, and we can connect with them any time we wish through intention because we are all connected. We are all One.

Life is not about living a life designed by something outside ourselves. Life is created by a force that flows through us and everything else. This force is us. Because all things are connected to it, all that IS works together to support us all. We are literally supported by everything! Trusting the divine becomes a matter of acknowledging our connection to all that IS and understanding we are fully supported by it.



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