Monday, February 1, 2016

Where The Magic Of Creation Begins!

I've been playing in my meditation time lately. I wanted to share because it is feeling very productive! The sweet spot I've been exploring is literally where all creation begins. It's a place full of magic that I don't want to leave when I'm there because of all the inspiration I have been receiving.

The technique I'm using is extremely simple. Once I am connected into my heart, I begin to ask questions specific to the personal talent I desire to develop. Lately, it has been my gift for writing. I have two ideas for books that I want to develop more fully. One idea is for a children's books series. The other is a more spiritually minded book for adults. One at a time, I ask the Universe how these stories should develop. Once I put the question out there, I just sit back and wait for an answer.

The answers that seem to evolve from this process are truly amazing! Never before have I had such details roll through my mind as I contemplate my writing. It's as thought the stories are writing themselves! It is such a wonderful and fascinating place to be I honestly don't want to leave (although I eventually have to get back to some of the more practical aspects of my life).

You could actually use this technique for more than inspiring you in using your talents. This is also a good place if you want to visualize healing a hurt relationship or improving your connection to something like money.

All creation begins in the spiritual realms before it manifests in the physical ones. By focusing your energy on the heart, you are better able to touch the spiritual and bring that forth into your physical life. Take the time to play in that space. You never know what life will spring forth from time spent in your heart!


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