Friday, March 11, 2016

Riding Out The Storm

Today's energies are strange and intense. Several people I know are being struck with severe medical issues. Politics are beginning to take a very odd and interesting turn. Above the surface we understand there are problems. Below the surface, the vast majority of people are asking questions about the very information they have avoided for many years. All of this signals a time of great change. We are in the midst of a worldwide storm.

Almost everything in our world needs to be changed. There is far too much poverty. Far too much hunger. Far too much violence. Far too much war. Far too much disease. There is far too much pain in general, and the problem with that is our hearts tell us it does not have to be this way. Our hearts understand there are better ways of doing things.

Riding out the storm effectively requires us to spend time in prayer and meditation. It requires us to connect with those deep places in our hearts where the answers reside. There is a great need to see beyond the lies we accept as truths. These are the very lies the foundations of our world were built on and are now falling apart in the storm.

Storms are a cleansing process. They wash away filth. They clear the air. They tear down structures that are falling apart and in need of repair. While we mourn for what is lost, many times we are able to build something much more beautiful and lasting than what we had before because we are not limited to the same old useless and tired structures.

We are powerful beyond measure! Now is the time to gain courage! While we may struggle now, it will not last. Kicking and screaming aside, struggle is what transitions us to the next phase of life!  

I wish I could say it was going to get better before it gets worse. I believe our world will continue to be chaotic for a long time. What I can say is this: riding out the storm is a process of refinement where we learn what we are made of. Settle in and be patient. The storm will not last, and we will be ready to rebuild when the time comes.


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