Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Choice

There comes a point in our lives when we all have to make a choice. That choice is to follow the way of the mind or the way of the heart. While neither choice is good or bad in and of itself, they involve two very different ways of functioning--two different ways of BEing. That said, the outcomes of both ways of existence are very different.

The way of the mind is living within your programming. You are born with specific genetic birth parents, which determines certain characteristics about you. You are then raised in a family or tribe that places you within certain parameters.. These parameters separate and divide us from each other and include things like culture, religion, country, gender, etc. As we grow up, we are taught the boundaries and limitations of each parameter, which shapes the way we think and act. Quite often, we learn to identify ourselves by these parameters. We also use those parameters to identify and classify others. While we function in the present, living through the mind can also encompass visiting the past and future as well. Many of us are quite happy living within these frameworks of separation.

The way of the heart is living through a natural and internal guidance system which is accessed through the heart. Instead of being shaped by outside forces, it gains wisdom and understanding by connecting to all things through an internal source. It is nonjudgmental, basing its choices on instruction coming directly from this heart connection where all wisdom and knowledge exists. The heart functions in the now, but is not dependent on time. Past, present, and future exist simultaneously within the heart, even while living in the moment. It is a very different way of thinking--a very different way of BEing. It is a state of living in flow. While we sometimes are able to exist within this space, for most of us the instances are rare.

At some point in life we encounter situations that make us question all those values we have been taught within the framework of the mind. These are choice points. They are experiences where you can BEcome something different than what you have always known. They usually occur when something out of the ordinary happens--job loss, death, illness, etc.--although they can happen at less pivotal times as well. The point is, you have come to a place in your life where you are jolted into the realization that your mind programming does not fit the situation comfortably. Most of us are so ingrained with our mind programs that we continue to look for (and find) solutions that come from that way of thinking. Understand that we when find solutions by thinking with the mind, the problem will eventually come back. It may come back in slightly different form, but it always comes back.

The choice is about making the transition from living through the mind to living through the heart. It is not an easy transition as, for most of us, it means letting go of what we think we know. Still, the more we can learn to think and act from the heart, the more we will begin to make decisions based on what is good for the collective instead of our separate selves. We are able to find our place in flow. We are empowered to live in abundance and blessing. We become examples to show others the way.



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