Sunday, March 6, 2016

Why Workshops And Motivational Speeches Fail

Have you ever taken a brilliant workshop or listened to a motivational speech, only to find yourself inspired for a few weeks and then back to your old uninspired rut shortly thereafter? Maybe you've come to the conclusion that the wisdom imparted was not as earth-shattering as it first appeared? It is not the messenger or the message that is at fault. It is the way you choose to incorporate that message into your life. Yes! I'm blaming you! It is you and the way you think that gets in the way!!!

There is a reason we get so excited about the workshop or presentation. It is great information! It's stimulating. It's exciting. It's insightful. While the presenter may not have the perfect life, he/she has attained a life of living in flow that is empowered. Most of these people are indeed living the life they are talking about and it shows.

Why do we fail to incorporate the information into our lives on a more consistent basis? We fail because of the way we process the information. Most of us operate from what I like to call thinking with the mind. This way of thinking looks at the information presented and tries to find concrete actions we can copy and incorporate into our lives. What we fail to consider is how the information ties more directly into the emotions and feelings that are what we use when we think through the heart.

Thinking through the heart is letting go of the constructs the mind has built around you and allowing the infinite wisdom and knowledge of Source energy to come directly to you. It is fully feeling, nonjudgmental, and free flowing. Thinking through the heart is operating in this moment of now, understanding that everything that comes to you is what you need in this moment. You are at your most powerful and divine self when you think from the heart.

While you are in the workshop or motivational speech, you are operating from the level of the heart because the presenter is coming from the level of the heart. You feel his/her energy, his/her passion. Then you go back to your everyday life, where you are thinking through the mind. You find yourself going back to the old programmed habits and patterns you are used to functioning in. Before you know it, you are back in your own boring and unfulfilling life once again.

When you finally come to the place where you are functioning consistently from the level of the heart, every experience you have becomes your teacher. Workshops and motivational speeches become part of who you are at their fullest levels. You are fully open to the abundance and blessings the Universe has to offer. You become the creator of your own life.


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