Saturday, May 28, 2016

Every Day Is A New Beginning!

My life has definitely not been going as planned. Most days I feel as though my potential is virtually untapped, even though I spend enormous energy attempting to make a difference in the world. Often, I am frustrated when I encounter people who say they want to change the world, but show no evidence of that desire in their actions. Even this blog has suffered of late as it becomes difficult to get my message of connection out to people caught up in separation programming.

As I see the light of dawn peeking through my window this morning, I am again reminded that there is a whole new day in front of me, still unblemished by the often callous and cruel world. I am able to leave the pain of yesterday behind to focus on what I can create in the world today!

Pain is as much of a choice as happiness. Yes, the world can beat me down. That doesn't mean I have to stay there. I can always choose to be thankful for what the pain has taught me and move beyond it.

Today I choose to move beyond the pain. Today I choose to live life to the fullest, building on the lessons I have acquired in this lifetime. My own personal happiness is definitely up to me!

Every day is a new beginning! Allow yourself to let go of the past and create the world you desire to live in!


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