Thursday, June 23, 2016

Make Voting Matter!

Some of us are still under the impression that our votes actually count. I used to be one of them--until I fell down the rabbit hole. The more I looked for answers, the more likely I was to find corruption at the highest levels of government. The memes I had been brought up with--things like "The United States is the most democratic nation in the world" and "The Constitution's checks and balances keep the government from going out of control"--were acceptable until I began questioning things. Those questions broke down the foundations I had built my world on, leaving my world in shambles.

Florida's hanging chad fiasco during the presidential race between George Bush, Jr. and Al Gore of 2000 highlighted for many people the fact that our system of voting was highly flawed. Between the black boxes of electronic voting and scandals involving uncounted absentee or provisional ballots, there are many ways those with power can artificially sway a vote.

Only We the People have the power to change this! We first need to recognize the need to diligently stay on top of the voting process to ensure it is fair and everyone's voice is heard. Then we need to stand watch to hold those in charge of counting votes accountable for their actions. We need to literally stand over them and monitor the counting of paper ballots. We need to veto the use of any computer system that relies on "proprietary" software that excludes the ability to look at the computer code to see if it has been tampered with to switch votes.

If we do not hold those in power accountable for their actions, they will continue to manipulate and control us in ways that erode our personal freedoms and power. We have the power to change our world for the better. We just need to be willing to be active participants in it instead of trust power hungry fools to rule us.

Make voting matter! Stand over the vote counters and make sure your vote is counted! Otherwise, they will continue to lie to us and place their puppets into power.


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