Sunday, July 3, 2016

Grow Some Balls And Stand Up To The Corruption!

I am angry! I am angry at blatant government corruption. I'm angry when I see politicians pass laws that literally hand taxpayer money to transnational corporations while our people are starving. I am angry at manipulated elections where only the chosen candidates are placed in office. If these candidates are not actually voted on through the ignorance of the people, the vote will be rigged in any and every way possible to ensure victory of the status quo. I am angry at an owned media, who uses nothing but lies and propaganda to brainwash We the People into believing everything is still fair and free. Mostly though, I am angry at my fellow citizens, who by this time have felt so much pain they know something is wrong but if they even choose to acknowledge it publicly they don't have the balls to do more than vote (which is friggin' rigged anyway)! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I have a message for We the People! Grow some damn balls and stand up to the corruption! 

Voting is not going to reflect the will of the people until we can stand up as one against the manipulations and put a stop to them! Protest computer voting until the proprietary and patented black boxes used in the process are opened, inspected and the code gone over with a fine-tooth comb to make sure votes are counted accurately and for the person We the People honestly choose! Appoint citizen groups to stand over the vote counting process and make sure that all votes arrive at the counting location, no box is overlooked or thrown out, and no other irregularities happen. All political parties must be represented in this process as well as an independent group for control.

We the People need to be willing to read the leaked files that tell of blatant corruption of political officials. (Wikileaks is a good place to start!) We need to gather the information up into petitions signed by thousands of people that are then taken to the alphabet agencies who are supposed to protect us so they will be empowered to act on that information. There are people in these agencies who would like to do something about this corruption, but they do not feel they have the support of We the People backing them up and are afraid of the personal repercussions if not enough of us are willing to hold politicians' feet to the fire.

The fact of the matter is this: there are millions (billions even) of us and not so many of them. When we are willing to stand up to the establishment as one, there is absolutely no way they can stand against us. They already know this. That is why they have worked so hard to make us believe that everything is still on the up-and-up. That's why they own their media propaganda machine. That's why they pay off politicians and sometimes even kill people who are not willing to play their game.

If the world is going to change, We the People, have got to stand up and take responsibility for ourselves and work for change! We can no longer afford to sit back and allow things to happen to us. That's how the corruption became so ingrained in our system in the first place! It is our own apathy that has been our downfall.

It is time to grow some balls and stand up to the corruption! Until we choose to do this, we will continue to wallow in the filth and muck that slowly kills us all. Choose life! Be bold! Together, we will make a difference!!!

There are MORE of us than there are of them! STAND AS ONE!!!

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