Friday, July 8, 2016

Overcoming Corruption Depends On Love!

The USA is once again being predictably programmed. We were all up in arms against our very corrupt government showing out regarding Hillary's obvious criminality and her lack of prosecution by those in power. Then all of a sudden we have a police shooting in Baton Rouge and an ambush of police in Dallas. No more prosecute Hillary stories. No more anger with our government. It's all about racial tension, violence and fighting among ourselves. Folks, this is the pattern! This is how they keep us from taking back our own power and taking control!

Stop taking sides against your fellow humans! These people are your family, your friends, your neighbors. They want the same things you want--comfortable homes, food on the table, good relationships, the ability to live their lives in freedom. These people are not the enemy! The enemy is ignorance, and hype, and division.

As long as we are fighting each other, we are not concerned with how our country is being run behind the scenes. We could care less that pretty much every politician in DC is corrupt! We ignore the fact they grow wealthy catering to the desires of those who operate behind closed doors. They flaunt their corruption in our faces because they know we are too apathetic to pay attention to their crimes as we hunt down our fellow man.

If we are to overcome those who consider themselves "elite" and hold them accountable for their crimes, we must first embrace our neighbors in love. We cannot hope to have the power to lock these criminals away until we have the ability to stand together in common purpose. Divide and Conquer is the method they have used to take control and keep our power for thousands of years. Love is the force that will unify us to the point we can take our personal power back!

Choose to reach out to your neighbors in love! Talk to them. Get to know them. Share a common meal. Make sure their needs are met. As we break down all barriers that separate us, we are able to come together for common purpose. We can make our world beautiful again when we choose love over separation.

Be the change you wish to see in the world! BE love!



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