Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We're Transitioning To Fourth Dimensional Thinking!

September has been an exceptionally crazy month for me. One of my social media friends, Christine DeLorey, who is a very gifted and intuitive numerologist, points out that we are presently in the ninth month of a nine year. Nine is the number of completion, a time to wrap up old business in preparation for a new beginning.

This morning while in my meditation time, I happened to ask the Universe a new question. The question was, "What am I missing in all this upheaval?" It has been obvious to me that my life is changing in big and powerful ways, but the destination has been extremely fuzzy. What came to me was very unexpected. We are transitioning to Fourth Dimensional thinking!

What does that mean, exactly? From a scientific standpoint, it means we are beginning to more easily access a dimension that includes aspects of time. However, science as we know it has trouble accessing this dimension because it goes beyond the 3-D physical aspect of the world. It is the world of dreamers and mystics--the place where things not usually visible to the five physical senses exist. Yes, this is the world of spirit--of fairies, of angels, of demons, etc.

There are several practical ways you can begin to access these new energies. The first way is to allow yourself to become sympathetic to native cultures all over the world. Native cultures typically have a leg up on the rest of "civilized" society. They have not allowed science to interfere with the spiritual information they access. They communicate with guardian spirits of the Earth. This is how shamans know what plants are useful for various types of healing. This is how they know what sort of weather changes are coming or what destructive forces need to be stopped. Native cultures all over the world know how to access this information. By studying their ways, you can begin to learn as well.

Understand what is going on with the Dakota Access Pipeline protests is part of the transition we are all making to the Fourth Dimension. It is definitely about saving Mother Earth, but there is so much more to it than that. We are all beginning to hear the cries of our spiritual mother, and this is spurring us into action. We are feeling our own connection to the spiritual plane.

Another practical way you can assess the fourth dimension is through relationships with animals and plants. Animals are easier for most people to understand than plants, but both work. Do you have a pet you are fond of? Do you intuitively know what your pet needs at any given moment? Do you have conversations with your pet that only you can hear? Understand this is not your imagination! Animals communicate at a fourth dimensional level. So do plants. Allow yourself to acknowledge the insights you can gain through your fellow spiritual beings.

It is time to begin our transition to the world of spirit! Be intentional about it, and your world will begin to open up in powerful new ways!



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