Thursday, October 13, 2016

Truth And Perspective

My definition of truth is all that IS (exists). Understand that none of us have an actual handle on it. Truth is too big, too multifaceted, for most people to see anything but a small portion of it at any given time. Truth exists. It does not change. What does change is the part of it we choose to see--our perspective.

In my present lifetime, I have been a big believer in only one lifetime and in reincarnation (not at the same time). There have been times when I strongly believed Jesus died for my sins and times when I knew I am the one who is responsible for saving myself. I have believed being homosexual or heterosexual (or anything else) is something born in you. There are times in my life I believed it could successfully be trained out of you. I say none of this to put you on the defensive or begin an argument with you. I point these things out about myself because they illustrate how my perspective has changed over time. Truth itself has not changed. What has changed is how I look at it.

Understand we are all here for our own divine purposes--to learn our own lessons. Trying to convince someone else you have the truth never works because not everyone is here to learn what you came to learn, nor are they here to see everything from your perspective. It is only by allowing each other to have the experiences they came here to learn that we are able to free ourselves for our own divine purpose. Your life is about you. Make the most of it.


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