Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Always Choose Love

The world is full of chaos and confusion--here in the USA and elsewhere. I see arguments all over social media and many are saying they have unfriended this person or that person because of their views. The mainstream media is even worse when it comes to trying to maintain division between people. Division is the problem. We are working so hard to align ourselves with what is right that we have forgotten one very important principle: love.

The irony of the fight going on right now is that it is not even our fight, yet we are the ones battling! Whose fight is it, you ask? It is a fight between rulers and all those who would control the planet--kings, prime ministers, presidents, corporations, bankers, etc. There has been a very marked shift in power that is most notable with the election of Donald Trump, who represents a very different power faction taking over. Those who have held the reins are struggling to retain their grasp, and they still have a great deal of power. You can see this in the constant bashing Trump is receiving worldwide for enforcing laws and rules that are already on the books! If the people losing power can convince us to fight for their side, they know they have a chance to regain that power. The propaganda media is what keeps We the People playing this power game.

The saddest part about this whole situation is that We the People have willingly given our massive power to these crazy people in charge and are feeding into the chaos. The reality (should we choose to accept it) is that We the People have it within ourselves to change the turmoil by reclaiming our personal power! 

How do we reclaim our power? We reclaim our power by choosing love! Lately, we have not been motivated by love but by fear. We are told it is love. For example, love is fighting for our immigrant neighbors, right? Possibly. The question we all need to ask ourselves is what is it that drives us? While love might honestly be a factor, fear also plays a factor. The darkness in this scenario tells us that Trump is the new Hitler and eventually we will all end up in prison camps if we don't fight for immigrants now. Is it love that motivates us, or is it the belief that life will become much worse for everyone if we do not take up the fight? 

Many of us are in denial that our actions are based on fear. We allow our terror to turn us into hurtful, hateful monsters that no longer focus on love. This is where actions such as arguing and unfriending on social media kick in. It has even been reaching extreme levels with some people who are leaving love far behind and physically attacking others who are perceived as separate, all the while believing they are standing for justice. When we allow this to happen we have become that which we fear!

What does choosing love look like? It begins when we tap into the innermost corners of our hearts. It will often go directly to those people and things we interact with on a daily basis. It will guide us into actions that help and heal--even when some of those actions appear to be counterintuitive to what we believe we want to accomplish. Love looks to what we have in common instead of our differences. Love seeks to build bridges. When we allow our hearts to guide our actions, nothing outside ourselves can separate us from that heart connection we share with each other.

Are your actions playing into the chaos and division that is so pervasive in the world today? Do you feel separate from your neighbor as you choose sides? Is fear your ultimate motivation? Chances are you have given over your own power to mentally ill people and are playing their insane power game. 

Take back your power! Forget that your neighbor is a Democrat or Republican or Muslim or Christian or straight or gay or an addict or a criminal. Look at the chaos and misery within your own circle and choose to make a difference in all those places your heart shows you. Always choose love. If and when we focus on that, our world will begin to fall into place.


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