Friday, February 24, 2017

Prayer Of Release

Divine Father/Mother/Creator/Intelligence/Source Energy,

I come to you, laying all my pain, all my sadness, all my anger, all my stress, all my worry, all my hate, all my jealousies, all my selfishness, all my problems at your feet. I know that keeping all these things close to my heart only perpetuates the problems to the point of overwhelm. Holding them captive for a period of time does not serve my body, my mind, my spirit or my heart.

In this moment of now, I choose to release all of these things that no longer serve me. I choose to stop holding them captive, allowing them to move freely in and out of my life as necessary to draw my attention to all that is important to understand. I know they are there to help guide me in that stage of my development, and I am grateful for all those things they are designed to help me discover about myself and the world.

In this release, I know I am making room for all the love, all the joy, all the peace, all the understanding, all the intuition I have already been gifted with. I allow myself to access these gifts and in this way increase my productivity and abundance.

As I draw closer to your infinite love and wisdom, I let go of my ego and my separate self. I am One with all things. I follow the wisdom and guidance found in my heart and allow myself to move within the flow of the One in order to BE my perfect and infinite self.

Thank you for gifting me with these experiences so I am able to learn and grow in new ways and BE One with you again.
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