Saturday, July 8, 2017

What Sets You Off Is Trying To Teach You Something!

There are times when I scroll through my social media posts to learn what is going on in my world, only to discover so much of what my friends perceive is way outside the truth as I see it. I do not believe others' perceptions of truth are wrong/bad/false. Everyone has their own place and their own lessons to learn--myself included, and this brings me to the point of this little tirade. On most days when I see posts that begin to make me angry/sad/frustrated, there is a theme associated with my anger. In these moments, I begin to understand that my uncontrolled emotions are trying to teach me something.

Lately what sets me off are my perceptions of fake news. I believe the vast majority of what is seen in the mainstream news is fake. They occasionally throw a few tidbits of reality into the mix to make people think they are reporting to us faithfully, but most of it is pure garbage designed to program us into certain ways of thinking. Even local news is highly scripted, the proof of which has been highlighted on numerous occasions by late night talk show host Conan O'Brien.

I have an amazing number of friends who still do not understand how scripted the news actually is. It frustrates me when they share such questionable news sources as truth in order to back up their belief system. While I usually refrain from commenting, sometimes I find myself reacting. This is a problem because this is where most fights on social media begin.

When my higher self is in control, my reactions are much more measured. Instead of trying to tell my friends how they are wrong, I attempt to understand why I am reacting to their post in such a manner. My life is not about how other people perceive the world. My life is not about judging someone else's thoughts and way of life. My life is about navigating the obstacles and finding solutions that bring me to my own state of inner happiness, joy and peace.

Lately, I am aware the most of my reactions are judgments. While judgments are part of the state of duality we are experiencing, when we focus on that which we judge we perpetuate our state of separation. This is not where I personally desire to be. This is not what my lifetime is about, and in that moment of disharmony I am not focusing on my mission of bringing love to the world.

Understand that when you run into those life circumstances that disturb your peace, your emotions are your body's way of uncovering those lessons you need to learn. While it is possible to avoid looking at them and temporarily run away, ultimately these experiences follow you around until you take the time to learn what they are trying to teach you.

Next time something makes you angry, take the time to question why. You may just make a discovery that will lead you to your next big breakthrough!


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